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Welcome to the Stem Cells, Development and Evolution Team Website.Find us in the Institut Jacques Monod (IJM – CNRS UMR 7592), Bâtiment Buffon, Second Floor, Room 285B, in the PRG/Paris Denis Diderot Campus (directions). We are speaking French and English languages at the lab.


1st of October 2022: Brice is starting his thesis, welcome!

16/09 : Eve gives a talk for the EMBRC

14/09 : Eve gives a seminar/course at the ENS Lyon, (invitation byStéphane Vincent)

13/09 : Members of our team partipate to the IJM Scientific Day

31/08 : Goodbye Caroline Dalle

30/08 : Loïc is allocated a 12-month transition Ph.D. extension by the Labex WhoamI

31/07 : Goodbye Katyana Amilca

08/07 : A Technician position opens in our team

05/07 : Congratulations Zoé for your poster prize for the UFR Sdv Scientific Day

30/06 : It’s the IJM Day !

30/06 : Goodbye Pierre Brindeau

16/06 : Goodbye Siméon Nthuku

31/05-03/06 : Eve and Loïc attend the EuroEvoDevo meeting in Napoli

24/05 : Congratulations Aurore for your JEDNs 2022 poster prize

19-25/05 : Eve and Lucie attends the History of Biology Seminar at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole

26/04 : New team picture !

19/04 : Welcome do Simeon Hebrew Nthuku, M1 trainee

March : Welcome to Yves Clément, Assistant Professor at Université Paris Cité in Bioinformatics and comparative genomics.

23/01: New lab preprint: Alvarez-Campos et al, On the hormonal control of posterior regeneration in the annelid Platynereis dumerilii bioRxiv 2022.01.21.477205; doi: https://doi.org/10.1101/2022.01.21.477205

20/01: Eve participates in the publication of a review on stem cell niches in marine invertebrates, published in BMC Biology. Martinez et al. 2022 Articulating the stem cell niche paradigm through the lens of non-model aquatic invertebrates. BMC Biology. 2022, 20:23 https://doi.org/10.1186/s12915-022-01230-5.

10 – 14/01 : Louis participates to the training « 4th edition of #sincellTE : single-cell transcriptomics, spatial and multi-omics » at the biological station of Roscoff

03/01/22: Welcome to Pierre Brindeau, M2 trainee

17/12 : Goodbye Baptiste

8-10/12 : Loic and Quentin present their work at the « 2nd Virtual Platynereis meeting »

8-10/12 : Michel and Eve co-organize the « 2nd Virtual Platynereis meeting »

6/12 : Loïc presents his work at the IJM seminar

23-24/11 : Eve participates to the « Labex Who Am I? annual meeting« .

5/11 : Lucie Laplane, philosopher of sciences, and our long-time collaborator, receives the bronze medal of the CNRS! Congratulations Lucie!

2/11 : Katyana Amilca joins our team as an ATER from the University of Paris, welcome!

2/11 : Quentin is back for a week in the lab, to finalize his project!

25/10 : Welcome to Baptiste Courtin, 2nd year BTS student

6/10 : Eve participates to the publication of a review on adult stem cells, published in Biological reviews. Rinkevitch et al 2021 A pan-metazoan concept for adult stem cells: the wobbling Penrose landscape. Biol Rev, 97: 299-325. https://doi.org/10.1111/brv.12801

1st of October 2021: Zoé is back to start her thesis, welcome!


If you are interested in joining us, for a licence, master, PhD or PostDoctorate project, please contact Michel Vervoort (contact info below). We have many projects on stem cell evolution and regeneration for you!