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Welcome to the Stem Cells, Development and Evolution Team Website.

Find us in the Institut Jacques Monod (IJM – CNRS UMR 7592), Bâtiment Buffon, First Floor, Room 156B, in the PRG/Paris Denis Diderot Campus (directions). We are speaking French and English languages at the lab.


DEcember 2018: We are looking for chinese candidates willing to apply for a Master 2 + PhD fellowship from the CHINA SCHOLARSHIP COUNCIL (2018/2019). If you are interested in limb regeneration and miRNAs in annelid, please apply here. Document of our project.

November 2018: Eve is attending the COST MARISTEM congress in Banyuls sur mer from the 26th to the 28th of November

November 2018: Michel is visiting our colleague Eric Röttinger and participates at the  « Aquatic research models to study regeneration and aging » workshop

November 2018: Anabelle presents our recently published results on posterior regeneration in Platynereis during an internal seminar at the IJM

November 2018: Our paper on the morphological, cellular and molecular characterization of posterior regeneration in the marine annelid Platynereis dumeriliis is accepted for publication in Developmental Biology

November 2018: Anabelle is presenting our work in the joint meeting of french, spanish and portuguese developmental biology societies in Porto, Portugal

October 2018: Eve is staying 15 days in Banyuls Marine station to work on Amphioxus in Hector Esciva’s Team


If you are interested in joining us, for a licence, master, PhD or PostDoctorate project, please contact Michel Vervoort (contact info below). We have many projects on stem cell evolution for you!