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Welcome to the Stem Cells, Development and Evolution Team Website.Find us in the Institut Jacques Monod (IJM – CNRS UMR 7592), Bâtiment Buffon, First Floor, Room 156B, in the PRG/Paris Denis Diderot Campus (directions). We are speaking French and English languages at the lab.


End of March : Our team obtains the INSB « DIVERSITY OF BIOLOGICAL MECHANISMS” funding to keep developing Platynereis as our model system for regeneration

16th of March : Temporary closure of our lab due to the Covid-19 outbreak

5/6 March: Eve attends the COST MARISTEM workshop « Video documentary for dissemination » in Lille

February 2020 : Our team obtains the IEA (International Emerging Action) funding from the CNRS to develop a collaboration with Arnau Sebé Pedrós’s lab

January 2020 : Welcome to our 2 new members – Aurore Vullien (M2 Student) and Quentin Schenkelaars (Post-Doc)

6th January 2020 : Pierre is presenting Anabelle’s results during the Institute Seminar

19 December 2019 : Our team secures funding for 4 years from the ANR: a collaborative grant led by our philosopher colleague Lucie Laplane (IHPST).

16/17 December 2019 : Eve attends the Aquatic models for regeneration & aging in Nice

13th December 2019 : Our team secures funding for 2 years from the Fondation l’ARC & the Ligue contre le Cancer

11th December 2019 : Loïc presents his results for the Young Science Club of the IJM

3rd to 5th December 2019: Eve, Loïc & Pierre attend the « Hors les Murs » Seminar of the Institut Jacques Monod, at Marcoussis

30th November 2019 : Farewell Anabelle ending her PostDoc in our team and leaving for Heidelberg

21st November 2019 : Publication of the book « Voir l’invisible COLLECTIF ARMIR Comprendre – Agir. Tome 2 » where Michel & Eve have co-written a chapter titled « Stem cells, superpowered cells ? »

18-21 November 2019: Filming of a MOOC on Platynereis for the Digital Marine Erasmus+ project

14 November 2019: Eve presents our work at the Roscoff Marine Station in Roscoff

23-26 October 2019 : Eve attends the European Developmental Biology Congress (EDBC, Alicante)

12-17 October 2019 : Pierre and Eve visit Jérôme Hui‘s team in Hong-Kong as part of our Procore joint program

6-10 October 2019 : Eve attends a course on small RNAs in Sète : École thématique du CNRS -petits ARN régulateurs-Sète

23rd of September 2019 : Eve presents our work at the LBDV in Villefranche-sur Mer

1st September 2019 : First day for Loïc as our PhD student in our lab

July 2019 : Farewell to Luis and Ombeline who finished their respective work in our team

19 June 2019 : Visit of Uri Frank who is giving a seminar in our institute about stem cells and regeneration in the cnidarian Hydractinia

10-14 June : Visit of our Hong-Kong collaborators from Jérôme Hui‘s Team

4 June 2019 : Ombeline Lamer (Faculté des Sciences Orsay) is joining our team for a short internship

May 2019 : Congratulations Loic for obtaining your PhD funding

May 2019 : Here are our two internship projects for Master 2 Students that can be applied for BDC and MEG masters :
Appendage regeneration in animals: insights from the annelid Platynereis, an emerging model organism
Are there conserved triggers of regeneration in animals? Insights from the annelid Platynereis dumerilii

6-7 May 2019 : Eve is organizing the regeneration session and the Marine Metazoan Workshop for the 9th edition of EFOR.

April 2019 : Anabelle and Eve attend the CARPENTRY Workshop at the Institute.

March 2019 : Eve presents Platynereis dumerilii during the Schmid Training Course at Roscoff’s Biological Station.


If you are interested in joining us, for a licence, master, PhD or PostDoctorate project, please contact Michel Vervoort (contact info below). We have many projects on stem cell evolution and regeneration for you!