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Welcome to the Stem Cells, Development and Evolution Team Website.Find us in the Institut Jacques Monod (IJM – CNRS UMR 7592), Bâtiment Buffon, Second Floor, Room 285B, in the PRG/Paris Denis Diderot Campus (directions). We are speaking French and English languages at the lab.


1st of October 2021: Zoé is back to start her thesis, welcome!

1st of October 2021: Eve participates to the thesis jury of Lydvina Meister Blanco at BIOM, Banyuls sur mer

30th of September 2021: Michel participates to the MCD-CBI Symposium: « Drosophila Development and Genetics in Toulouse: 35 years and beyond »

21st of September 2021 : Michel participates to the HDR jury of Michael Lang at IJM, Paris

10th of September 2021: Eve participates to the thesis jury of Amélie Vernale at IMBE, Marseille

30th of August 2021: Goodbye Quentin and congratulations for obtaining your MCU position at Aix-Marseille University!

25th of August 2021 : Eve participates to the final meeting of the DIGITALMARINE project in Fribourg, Switzerland

7th of July 2021 : Congratulations to Zoe who obtained her Thesis fellowship and will start her PhD in october

July 2021 : Farewell Louise who finished her master’s internship

June 2021 : Farewell Marianne who finished her master’s internship

18th of May : Join us a Master 2 student for 2022, to study Platynereis regeneration, more information here.

17th of May : Louise Penez joins our team as M1 Student.

14th of May : Quentin Schenkelaars received a prestigious 2-year post-doc fellowship from the “Paris Region Fellowship Programme

28th of April : Our review with Eric Röttinger about processes initiating regeneration is published, congrats Aurore for your first paper! [in French]

19th of April: An ATER (teaching assistant) from the University of Paris is very likely to open in our team at the Institut Jacques Monod for September 2021. More information to apply here.

12th of April : Marianne Basso joins our team as M1 Student.

1st of April : Welcome Caroline, Technician. Caroline will work on posterior and limb regeneration.

15th of February : Welcome Louis, bioinformatician. Louis will work on the evolution of stem cells.

February : Our review article about animal regeneration is published, congrats Loïc for your first paper!

4th of January : Zoe Velasquillo joins our team as M2 Student.

7th of December : Michel & Pierre gets their project  ‘The regulatory landscape of regeneration » funded  by the Émergence en Recherche » l’IdEx from Université de Paris.

16th to 17th November : ITMO BCDE Seminar : « From cells to embryo »

28th to 30th October: 1st virtual Platynereis meeting. Michel et Eve are invited to present our team works

8th of October : Michel co-wrote an encyclopedic dictionnary about identity, published by Gallimard

4th to 9th October : Eve attends the 9th Bioinformatics School AVIESAN – IFB (Roscoff, France)

16th of September : Eve attends Marta Scelzo’s (LBDV) Thesis Defence

1st of September : Welcome to Aurore for her 1st day as a PhD Student

3rd of August : Our team moves in our new location, on the second floor

July : Michel attends the online SDB meeting

15 Juin : 1st Loïc’s Thesis Comitee. Thanks to Lucas Leclère (LBDV) & Pascale Gilardi (IJM) for their advices

June : Congratulations to Aurore for obtaining her Thesis funding at ENS Paris Saclay in co-direction with Eric Rottinger (Nice, France)

End of May : We’re back in the lab after a 2 months temporary close

End of March : Our team obtains the INSB « DIVERSITY OF BIOLOGICAL MECHANISMS” funding to keep developing Platynereis as our model system for regeneration

16th of March : Temporary closure of our lab due to the Covid-19 outbreak

5/6 March: Eve attends the COST MARISTEM workshop « Video documentary for dissemination » in Lille

February 2020 : Our team obtains the IEA (International Emerging Action) funding from the CNRS to develop a collaboration with Arnau Sebé Pedrós’s lab

January 2020 : Welcome to our 2 new members – Aurore Vullien (M2 Student) and Quentin Schenkelaars (Post-Doc)


If you are interested in joining us, for a licence, master, PhD or PostDoctorate project, please contact Michel Vervoort (contact info below). We have many projects on stem cell evolution and regeneration for you!